Types of Mounts for Your Punching Bag


Besides speed bags, many fitness enthusiasts and sportspersons in Singapore make use of a boxing bag. This is mostly because it is known to improve physical fitness, muscle development, as well as boxing skills. That said, going to the gym just to use a boxing bag can be difficult at times. As such, many prefer to have one installed at home instead.

If you are considering installing a boxing bag at home, you should know the different types of mounts used to hang it. That way, you can ensure that your punching bag is installed durably and without any damage caused to your walls or ceiling.


Ceiling Mount

Another option for hanging a boxing bag is by using a ceiling mount. This is either rectangular or square in shape and is usually made of metal.

To install your punching bag using a ceiling mount, first mark the area where you intend to place the mount. Afterward, start drilling said area and affix your mount using the supplied nuts and bolts. Once you are done drilling, attach your boxing bag using an s-hook and chains. In case you experience difficulty with this process, it might be best to call a professional to install your ceiling-mounted punching bag for you.


Wall Mount

To use a wall mount for hanging your boxing bag, first mark the areas of your wall which you intend to use. Next, drill holes in these areas and attach the wall mount using the fasteners provided. After attaching the wall mount, you can now use it to hang your newly-bought punching bag.



Boxing Bag Stand

Some people are unable to use either their walls or ceiling to install a boxing bag. Under these circumstances, you may want to consider using a boxing bag stand. This stand merely consists of a hook to hang the punching bag and only requires minimal assembly. However, it is more likely to move or topple over and is thus better suited for lighter bags.

In case you wish to use a boxing bag stand for heavy bags, try adding weight to its base so that you prevent it from moving or falling. However, it is always recommended to mount it on a ceiling or wall unless the punching bag cannot be mounted on the ceiling or wall.




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