Tips to Maintain Your Heavy Bag


Like boxing bags, heavy bags are known to be popular sports equipment to improve fitness levels, and improve their body strength. As a result, many prefer to have this type of punching bag installed at home. But take note that you can only reap the benefits of a heavy bag if you make sure to maintain it properly. Regular maintenance is vital to ensure heavy bag can last a long time. With that said, here are some tips for properly maintain your heavy bag.

Always Wipe The Bag After You Use It


Using a heavy bag entails strong amounts of force and energy from different parts of the body. Because of this, it often garners sweat and different forms of dirt. Once these build up, the bag can become a hotbed of mould, fungi, and other types of bacteria.

In order to avoid harmful organisms from accumulating on your hanging or standing punching bag, be sure to always wipe it after every use. For best results, you can use a disinfectant to kill any microbes. Otherwise, simply use a clean, damp cloth.


Clean The Bag Thoroughly At Least Once A Week

Even if it is not frequently used, it is vital that you clean your heavy bag thoroughly at least once a week. This will ensure that it does not collect dust or other forms of dirt. If your wall or ceiling-mounted punching bag is made of synthetic material, then you can try using antibacterial spray. Applying vinegar mixed with a homemade cleaning solution is also a viable method. But in case you have a leather heavy bag, then it might be best to use a leather cleaner to avoid damaging the bag’s coating. Afterward, you can apply a leather conditioner so that the bag’s surface remains smooth.


Inspect The Bag Regularly


In order for your heavy bag to last a long time, you should make sure to inspect it regularly for any signs of damage. By doing so, you can have your punching bag repaired at the earliest possible time.

Any punching bag you buy can be damaged due to the force that is often applied to it. Leather bags in particular can develop cracks if the leather loses the natural oils and dries out. Tape can always be used to cover the cuts so that the bag does not deflate. As for holes, it is best to close them by restitching the bag or using glue. Cracks on the other hand can be remedied through the use of leather conditioner.

If your punching bag is mounted on your wall or ceiling using metal screws or bolts, check if either of these fasteners have loosened. Besides that, be sure to inspect for any signs of damage on the bag’s hook or chains. These will help prevent your bag from falling and causing any unwanted injuries.



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