Things to Look Out for Before Installing a Boxing Bag


Some people find going to the gym highly inconvenient and time-consuming. For this reason, they prefer to have a boxing bag installed in their home so they can use it at any time they want. As is the case when installing a punching bag, it is important to consider a number of factors before having one installed. That way, you can perform your exercise routine without any worries.


Whether it be a punching bag, speed bag, or boxing bag, you need to ensure that there is adequate space in your home to hang your equipment. Your boxing bag must not hit the walls or surrounding furniture when being punched or kicked. For maximum safety, it is recommended that the distance between the boxing bag and the wall measure at least 24 inches.

Installation Materials Needed


Another thing you have to consider before installing a boxing bag is the number of materials needed to mount it. Most boxing bags weigh around 31 to 45 kilograms (significantly heavier than a speed bag). As such, they require the use of mounts to ensure they are secure. For other boxing bags, a drill, wrench, and chains may be needed to properly install them.

If you are thinking of having your boxing bag ceiling-mounted, you can simply install a ceiling mount or an eye bolt with an s-hook. But if you prefer to have it installed against your wall, then a wall mount is usually considered sufficient. Most boxing bag mounts are similar to those used for ceiling or wall-mounted punching bag installations.



Before you drill holes to mount your boxing bag, make sure to check that no electrical wires or studs will be affected. Take note that any damage they incur might require expensive repairs.

If your home’s ceilings are concealed, you might find it difficult to manually determine whether there are any electrical wires or studs behind them. In that case, it is best that you use stud finders or electrical wiring detectors for convenience.


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