Reasons to Choose a Hanging Punching Bag Over a Standing Punching Bag


Many people in Singapore have no qualms about travelling to their local gym daily to work out. However, there also those who prefer the convenience of being able to exercise at their own preferred time. For this reason, they would rather have a punching bag installed at home.

If you are currently considering installing a punching bag at home, then we recommend that you choose a hanging punching bag rather than a standing punching bag. Be sure to explore the following to know why:

Hanging Bag


Many gyms tend to have their punching bags mounted from the ceiling or hung from a beam. The reason for this is that such a set up allows the bag to move much more freely thereby allowing users to employ a wider range of movements. Furthermore, it allows users to better visualise and simulate combat.

In order to install a hanging bag at home, it is best that you make use of a ceiling mount, beam, or eye bolt. In addition, see to it that your ceiling is strong enough to support the bag’s weight. Otherwise, you risk structural damage taking place.


Standing Punching Bag


In contrast to a hanging bag, standing punching bags (be it boxing bags or heavy bags) make use of a base. This base is usually filled with sand or water so that the bag does not topple when it is hit. And since a standing punching bag does not require any drilling to be set up, it can easily be stored away after being used. That said, it is much more expensive to purchase and is not very durable.


Benefits of Hanging Punching Bags


Besides being more affordable than standing bags, punching bags that are ceiling-mounted provide the following benefits:

Wider Range of Movement

One big reason why installing a hanging punching bag is better is that it can move freely in different directions. As a result, you do not have to pick it up from the ground whenever you hit it. This will enable you to have a more seamless exercise routine which will in turn lead to more fulfilling workouts.

Ability To Withstand Powerful Punches

As mentioned, the material used for most standing bags is not known to be very durable. This makes them easily prone to damage whenever fast and powerful strikes are employed against them. Fortunately, hanging punching bags are made to be much sturdier. For this reason, they can withstand strong punches without experiencing any form of damage.

Better Workout Routine

Another reason why hanging bags are better preferred to other punching bag products is that they are much more versatile. In fact, they can be used for practicing a wider range of exercises and movements. This leads to better physical development, improved cardiovascular health, and increased fitness.



Hanging punching bags allow you to exercise without any unnecessary delays. Furthermore, they can better withstand powerful punches and allow you to practice different forms of exercises. They are highly affordable too and do not take as much floor space as standing bags.

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