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Speed Bag Installation


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Table of Contents


Introduction to Speed Bags

Speed bags are popular pieces of equipment used mainly in boxing and other martial arts. Though, many people who do not train are unaware of it. This will serve as an introduction to speed bags for those who are less familiar with this equipment.

What are Speed Bags?


Speed Bags are much smaller than regular punching bags. They are usually filled with air and hung below a rebound platform, so it is easier to hit and it rebounds once hit.

What are the Functions of a Speed Bag?

Speed bags help professional fighters improve reaction time and coordination. Better hand/eye coordination can improve the performance of a professional fighter. It also builds endurance and agility.


Exercises You Can Practice Using Speed Bags

Strength Training


Speed bags can be used to train strength and endurance. It enables you to be able to control your strength and use it more effectively.

Speed Training

Over time, a person who uses the speed bag would want to slowly develop faster punches. Speed bags would enable this as this training would help you control and use speed more effectively.

Accuracy Training

Speed bags can help with accuracy as the main purpose of these bags is to improve hand/eye coordination. This enables you to throw more effective and accurate punches.


With more information on the speed bag, you may be interested in having one installed for your own home to enhance your own training and fitness.


Benefits of Using a Speed Bag

Before, it was mainly found in boxing gyms. Now, many gyms are equipped with a speed bag as it brings about many benefits. We will discuss more information about the benefits of using a speed bag, making it another popular piece of equipment.

Improve Hand, Eye, and Foot Coordination


Training with a speed bag allows users to learn to coordinate their eyes, hands, and even feet better. This is because the person would need to focus on punching the speed bag whilst tracking the movement of it as it rebounds.

Better Rhythm and Timing

As a person trains with a speed bag, they would learn to time their punches and develop a rhythm in order to strike the speed bag at the appropriate times.

Improved Speed and Power


Another benefit of using a speed bag is to improve speed and power. As with better rhythm and timing, they will be able to develop more speed. The punches will also have improved power as the speed bag ensures that the person training is as efficient with their power as possible.

Improved Fitness

For many people however, a speed bag is used to improve fitness. Though it may not seem like much, training with a speed bag can be physically demanding. This improves cardiovascular health and also results in better stamina. Speed bags are great to improve ones general fitness.

Better Technique

Speed bags allow people to experiment with their punches. This can improve the technique for professional boxers and give them the edge.


Benefits of Calling a Professional to Install Your Speed Bag

Now that you know why many people opt to have a speed bag at home, you may be thinking of getting one for yourself. If you do plan on getting one, you should also hire a professional to install it for you. Though it can be done DIY, the benefits of calling a professional to install your speed bag outweighs the risk.


Installing a speed bag can be quite tricky and it may take some time for the average person to complete the installation. Hiring a professional reduces the overall amount of time needed for the installation.

Prevents Stress

Trying to install a speed bag without prior experience can be quite confusing and frustrating. This could lead to stressful situations. Hiring a professional eliminates this altogether.

Reduces the Risk of Damage


When installing a speed bag, you want to ensure that it is installed securely. Sometimes, this involves drilling deep holes into walls. Improper drilling will cause damage to your walls. A professional would know the steps very well hence the risk of damage is much lower.


It can be quite costly to purchase the equipment to complete the installation. A professional however, is equipped with such tools hence it would be more cost-effective to hire a punching bag installation service instead of opting for DIY.

Reduces Your Risk of Injury

The average person may not be familiar with the processes. Hence, they may miss out certain steps that ensure safety. Doing DIY always carries a risk of injury which is not desirable.


After going through the benefits of hiring a professional to complete the speed bag installation, you may be looking to have one installed for yourself. This also enables you to begin such workouts with your speed bag.


Tips to Properly Maintain Your Speed Bag

However, speed bags also need to be cared for just like punching bags or boxing bags. This is because it is made of leather and without proper care, it will get damaged. Here are some tips to properly maintain your speed bag.

Always Wipe Your Speed Bag After Every Use


After a workout, there may be dirt and moisture on the speed bag. It is important to wipe the speed bag after every use. If you do not wipe it, the dirt and grime may build up and it would be more difficult to properly clean it.

Clean Thoroughly Once a Week

Even when the bag has not been used, you should still clean it thoroughly with a disinfectant, before using a leather cleaner. Wipe with a cloth to ensure the leather cleaner is worked into the leather. Use a damp cloth to rid of remaining residue and dirt before leaving it to dry away from direct sunlight.

Deflate the Bag if Not in Use


As speed bags are usually made of leather, always ensure that it is deflated if not in use for extended periods. This is because if it remains inflated, the chances of the oils within the leather evaporating are much higher and this can cause damage to your speed bag.

Inspect Your Speed Bag Regularly

Be sure to inspect your speed bag for tears or in minor cases, loose stitching. Damaged speed bags are much less effective for training so you would need to get it repaired or even replaced in some cases.


By following these tips, you need not worry about damage on your speed bag. This allows you to use your speed bag over a long period of time without needing to purchase and install a new speed bag.


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