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Punching Bag Installation


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Introduction to Punching Bags in Singapore

Punching Bags have become popular in Singapore as it enables people to develop stamina, strength, speed, and hand-eye coordination. However, many people are still unsure of this piece of equipment and the benefits it brings. Here is an introduction to punching bags in Singapore.

Types of Punching Bags

Standard Punching Bag

Standard punching bags are often made of synthetic or genuine leather. This is the most popular as it is the most versatile punching bag. These are usually mounted to the ceiling.


Heavy Bag

Heavy bags are similar to standard punching bags, but they are much heavier. Heavy bags are more suited for strength training due to the much heavier weight.


Speed Bag

These bags are much smaller and lighter than the usual punching bags. Speed bags are used to improve rhythm and timing in order to deliver speedy blows.


Banana Punching Bag

As the banana punching bag is much thinner and taller than most punching bags, it is best suited for practicing low kicks, and kickboxing training.


Teardrop Bag

The shape of a teardrop bad is to simulate an opponent to practice grapples. This is often found in mixed martial art gyms instead of traditional boxing gyms.


These are the more common types of punching bags found in Singapore. There are many types and each of them lets users achieve specific training goals.


How to Choose the Right Punching Bag

The one thing many people overlook is how to choose the right punching bag. It is important to find out the right punching bag for ones needs as it enables them to train better.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Punching Bag



The very first factor is also one of the most important ones and that is weight. Many people think it is better to get a heavier punching bag. However, as a start, it is much better to buy a punching bag about half the user’s weight. Punching bags that are too heavy can cause injury.

Fitness Goals


Punching bags allow for full body training. However, each type of punching bag brings specific benefits. For most people, a punching bag is one equipment to keep themselves fit. As such, the standard punching bag is usually good enough for most. Only athletes would need more specific equipment to enhance their training.


Types of Mounts for Your Punching Bag

After buying a punching bag, it still needs to be mounted before it can be used. There are different types of mounts for your punching bag so it is important to know which is the better option.

Ceiling Mounts


Ceiling mounts are the most popular type of mount as it is relatively small but strong. These mounts are popular as they allow the punching bag to hang freely. When punched, the bag can swing, and the risk of damaging walls is much smaller.

Wall Mounts


These mounts are much bigger and bulkier however, they are as strong as ceiling mounts. People opt for wall mounts in order to save space as some wall mounts can be folded. Though, these mounts do not allow punching bags to swing freely and there will always be a risk of damage to the wall if the swinging bag hits the wall.

Punching Bag Stand


If the punching bag cannot be installed on the walls or ceiling, the only way is to use a punching bag stand. However, this is not recommended as it is heavy and takes up a lot of space. Homes in Singapore are simply not big enough to have one at home.


Benefits of Calling a Professional to Install Your Punching Bag

Choosing a punching bag can be time consuming. However, installing one yourself can also take up as much time. It is always better to hire punching bag installation services as the benefits of calling a professional to install your punching bag outweighs the cost. This applies for both ceiling mounted and wall mounted punching bags.


It Saves Time


Preparing to install a hanging punching bag without past experience can be time consuming. This is because research needs to be done to buy the proper tools as well as familiarise the technique for installation.

It Prevents Stressful Situations

Installing a punching bag on your own can lead to stressful situations. This is because of the lack of expertise. Even then, you may end up making mistakes you do not realise due to the feeling of pressure whilst installing your newly bought punching bag.

It Reduces the Risk of Damage


It takes technical skill to properly use the tools for any punching bag installation. Improper use of the tools can lead to damage to the walls or ceiling when drilling.

It is More Cost-effective

If you are not equipped with the right tools, it will be costly to purchase them. On top of that, any damage during installation could end up being costly. Contact a professional to install your boxing bag for you instead.

It Reduces the Risk of Injury

Without the proper technical skill, the risk of injury is much higher. This is due to improper handling of tools such as a drill.


Though it may seem like you do not need to hire a professional for punching bag installation, it is always recommended to engage the services of one. This is because it is still a complicated process that needs a certain level of knowledge and skill. Many experienced professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skill to install the punching bag securely and efficiently.


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