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If you are not sure what type of punching bag suits you, fret not! We will provide recommendations to fit the goals you want to achieve with your punching bag.

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We provide installation services for all punching bags. Our team of professional servicemen will come down and conduct the punching bag installation for your home.

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We provide recommendations for your punching bag and type of mount according to your preferences. You can be sure to be satisfied with our services.

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Punching Bag Installation

We provide punching bag installation services for all punching bags. Our professional team of servicemen will come down at the agreed time to install your punching bag for you. Contact us to learn more!

Speed Bag Installation

We provide speed bag installation services. Our experienced servicemen will install your desired speed bag for you at the agreed time. Contact us to learn more!


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Contact us conveniently through WhatsApp to get a direct quote when you enquire with us. Our customer support will assist you and make recommendations so that you will not need to worry about making uninformed decisions.

Start by leaving us a WhatsApp message and we will help you throughout the entire process. Our friendly customer support will be more than happy to suggest the punching bag to suit your needs and also schedule an installation. Our professional servicemen will conduct the installation process so that you will have the peace of mind.

We aim to uphold the highest level of service to consistently provide the best customer service and professional workmanship for you. Providing the most pleasant experience ensures that you will have one less thing to worry about and we will be the ones to do that for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Standard Punching Bags

  • Available in most gyms as it is the most versatile

Heavy Punching Bags

  • Most commonly found in boxing gyms meant for professional training

Speed Bags

  • Found in many boxing gyms and used to improve speed and coordination

Banana Punching Bag

  • Much longer punching bag meant for low kicks for Muay Thai and other martial arts

Teardrop Punching Bag

Punching bag shaped as a teardrop to simulate an opponent to train clinches in Muay Thai

To answer this question, we must first find the reason for buying the punching bag. Some common reasons people buy punching bags are to improve general fitness, get into or train in specific sports such as boxing or certain martial arts, improve strength and endurance and even to improve speed and coordination.

Here are the types of punching bags for each of these 4 situations
Improving Fitness – Standard punching bag

Training for Boxing – Standard punching bag, Heavy punching bag, Speed Bag

Training for Mixed Martial Arts – Standard punching bag, banana punching bag, teardrop punching bag

Improve strength and endurance – All of the above punching bags

Improve speed and coordination – Speed Bag

Feel free to contact us if you are still unsure about which punching bag to buy. Our friendly customer support team will be more than willing to assist you.

There are 2 types of mounts commonly available – Ceiling & wall bracket mounts

Generally, ceiling mounts are more popular than wall bracket mounts as they take up less space, the punching bag can hang and rebound freely, while also making the room look less cluttered due to its much smaller size.