Introduction to Speed Bags


Many fitness enthusiasts want to learn how to throw quick and powerful punches as it enhances their training. Meanwhile, there are those intent on learning how to develop speedy blows so they can improve their self-defense. If you belong to either category, then you might want to make use of a speed bag.

Speed bags are commonly found in boxing and mixed martial arts gyms in Singapore alongside Muay Thai punching bags. They are also referred to by some as speedballs, mainly because they have a ball-like shape. These bags are important for foundation building in combat sports. As such, they are often used by professional athletes.

If you are considering purchasing a speed bag to install in your home, here are some things you might like to know about:

What Are Speed Bags?


Speed bags are much smaller than regular punching bags. Instead of grains, sand, rags, or cotton, they are normally filled with air. They are also highly unique in that they immediately recoil upon getting hit. This is due to the rebound platform they use as well as the swivel to which they are attached.

Speed bags mainly consist of the following components:

  • Board or rebound platform – this houses all other components and allows the user to adjust the bag’s height.
  • Swivel – enables the bag to recoil when hit; the most common swivels used for speed bags are a chain, ball hook, and U-bolt.
  • Bladder – this is the part of the bag that is filled with air; like most boxing bags that are installed, it is commonly made of either synthetic leather or natural leather.

What Are The Functions Of A Speedbag?


Besides heavy bags, many professional fighters use speed bags to improve their reaction time and coordination. Better hand/eye coordination can lead to more accurate, efficient, and powerful punches. In addition to that, these bags can also help in enhancing one’s endurance and agility.

Some other benefits of a speed bag are to improve the rhythm of punches as well as body movement. Rhythm is highly crucial for fighters since it greatly affects their approach towards their opponents and their reflexes.

Exercises You Can Practice Using Speedbags

Strength Training

Using a speedbag for this exercise can help you develop quick and powerful punches. All you have to do is punch the speed bag really hard so that it touches the platform before recoiling. It is important that you begin this exercise really slowly since punching too fast will only strain your muscles. Furthermore, you will end up not learning how to properly apply enough force to your punches.

Once you have developed a proper strength training routine with the speed bag you have installed, you will be able to punch with improved rhythm. Besides that, you will be able to better anticipate the movements of your opponent.


Speed Training

Developing your speed using a speed bag can help you learn how to increase the speed of your punches. Start by punching your speedbag with each hand alternately and slowly. Once you have developed the proper rhythm of your punches, gradually increase your speed.

Make sure to keep your arms and wrists relaxed while doing this exercise. Take note that the main goal is to increase the speed of your punches, not tense your muscles.


Accuracy Training

As mentioned, a speed bag that is properly maintained can prove highly useful in developing hand-eye coordination. You can do this by punching a specific area of the bag and then force it to move in a certain direction. For instance, try hitting the center of the bag about seven times whilst ensuring that it moves in a straightforward pattern. Afterward, punch the sides of the bag so that it moves diagonally.

Be sure to punch back as soon as the speed bag recoils so that you can maintain your rhythm. Once you have adapted well, you can start incorporating footwork and body movement for a more fulfilling workout.



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