Introduction to Punching Bags in Singapore


When it comes to martial arts, boxing, and other combat sports, skills like strength, speed, and hand/eye coordination need to be greatly developed. In order to do so, a punching bag is necessary.

Installing a punching bag is a highly recommended alternative for those without a training partner. Additionally, it is relatively easy to use when compared to other sports equipment. If you are considering buying a punching bag, then it is important that you take note of the different punching bag types.


Types of Punching Bags

There are many different types of punching bags available in the market, some of which include the following:

Standard Punching Bag

Like boxing bags, standard punching bags are usually made of synthetic or genuine leather. Genuine leather punching bags tend to be more expensive and require much more maintenance. Though, with proper maintenance, they tend to last a long time. Beyond that, they are quite similar in that they are both filled with sand (sometimes mixed with foam) and are designed to be hung from the ceiling or wall.

Because this type of punching bag is normally ceiling-mounted, it can help tremendously in helping the user visualize their opponent in real-life combat. In addition, it is known to improve coordination skills significantly.

Heavy Bag

Heavy bags are among the most used punching bags. They look similar to standard punching bags, but they tend to be much heavier. They can also be either ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted.

Like installing a boxing bag, a heavy bag provides similar benefits such as developing power and strength. Because it is made of sturdy material, it helps greatly in exercising the major muscle groups. Furthermore, it is highly recommended for those who are intent on losing weight quickly.



Speed Bag

Many sportspersons make use of speed bags to improve their punching speed. This is because they are lighter (as they are filled with air) and are made to bounce back whenever hit. Besides speed, these bags can also help in improving timing as well as hand/eye coordination. They are also extremely easy to transport due to their small size.



Banana Punching Bag

A banana punching bag has an appearance similar to a heavy bag. However, it is much longer and thinner. For this reason, it is ideal for kickboxing training, practicing low kicks, and performing level change exercises.



Teardrop Bag

As the name implies, a teardrop bag is shaped like one. Its unique shape is meant to simulate an opponent and the bag is often used to train grapples. With this, it is normally found in mixed martial art gyms instead of traditional boxing gyms.



How To Choose The Right Punching Bag

When deciding between different punching bag types, it is important that you consider the goals you plan to achieve with the punching bag. Be sure to also take note of how heavy they are since the ideal punching bag should measure about half your weight.

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