How to Choose the Right Punching Bag


Using a punching bag can help improve your physical fitness as well as develop your muscles and increase your strength. While many people only make use of a punching bag when going to the gym, you can actually have a punching bag installed in your own home. That way, you can use it at any time you want.

There are many punching bags available in the market from different brands and consisting of different designs. In order for you to choose the right punching bag, try exploring the following guidelines:

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Punching Bag



The amount of force you need to exert when hitting a punching bag depends on your body weight. While many prefer to purchase a heavy punching bag, it might be better to buy a punching bag that measures half your weight. By doing so, you can increase your endurance without straining yourself.

If you are unable to find a punching bag that measures half your weight, then try purchasing one which is slightly lighter than half your body weight. A lighter punching bag is less likely to cause any injuries as compared to a punching bag that is too heavy for your body weight. It is also entirely possible to fill the punching bag so that it measures half your weight.


Your Fitness Goals

As an introduction to punching bags, they allow you to work out your entire body and strengthen almost all your major muscle groups. This is one reason why punching bags are so popular in Singapore. That said, you need to consider your fitness goals before purchasing one to avoid overexerting yourself. Take note that some people buy a punching bag simply to lose weight and improve overall fitness while others want to improve their power and strength. Meanwhile, some sportspeople use a punching bag to improve their speed and accuracy.

If your intent for using a punching bag is to enhance your strength and power levels, you might want to buy a heavy bag. But if better speed is your main goal, then you should buy a speed bag. You can also buy multiple punching bags if you wish to practice multiple types of kicks and punches.



Different Types of Punching Bags


Heavy Bag: is used for increasing power and strength as well as cardio exercises. It should always measure half the user’s weight.

Free Standing Bag: is ideal for those residing in small apartments. It is easy to set up but is not suitable for heavy boxing since it can topple over easily.

Teardrop Bag: is a small heavy bag which is hung from the ceiling and is used for practicing elbowing, kneeing, and uppercuts.

Speed Bag: is used for fast movements and offers little resistance. It also builds the arm, back, and core and leg muscles.


Grappling Bag: has a shape similar to the human body and is well-suited for those who wish to improve their grappling skills.

Double End Bag: these are affixed to the ceiling and floor so that they can act as a counterpart for a real-life opponent as the bag rebounds to the user.



When choosing a punching bag, do not forget to consider your body weight so that you do not tire easily as you train. Be sure to also take note of your fitness goals as well as the space available in your home.

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