Benefits of Using a Speed Bag


Though a speed bag is often used by boxers, it is also widely employed in many other combat sports. This is because it is known to provide many benefits, some of which include the following:


Improvement in Eye, Hand, and Foot Coordination

Unlike heavy bags, a speed bag is designed such that it rebounds quickly whenever it is hit. By having to hit the bag repeatedly, the user learns how to better use their hands therefore improving hand-eye coordination. Since the bag is also relatively light, it can also teach one how to punch successively while moving around, thereby improving one’s footwork.

Another major benefit of having a speed bag installed is that it teaches one how to evade their opponent’s punches without looking away. By teaching the user how to make good use of their eyes while striking, the use of a speed bag helps them in improving their counterpunches as well. As a result, it becomes easier to respond to an opponent no matter how quick they might be.


Better Rhythm and Timing


As mentioned, a speed bag is a type of punching bag designed to rebound whenever it is hit. This forces the user to strike back successively so that they can avoid the bag’s impact. As a result, they develop a better rhythm for their punches. The constant rebounding of the bag also teaches the user how to better anticipate an opponent. For this reason, they are also able to develop the proper timing for their attacks.


Improved Speed and Power

Another benefit of using a speed bag installed by a professional is that it helps one improve their punching speed and power. By using it regularly to train and practice, the user is able to direct their movements much more quickly and with more strength. And since the bag’s reaction depends on the amount of force employed by the user, it teaches them how to strike at a uniform pace as well. They are also forced to eliminate unnecessary hand movements in order to improve the efficiency of their punches.


Improved Fitness


As is the case with a boxing bag, one needs to make great use of their hands and arms when practicing with a speed bag. This allows the shoulder and arm muscles to become stronger and more toned and improves the user’s endurance levels. Although the constant punching might seem exhausting at first, it eventually leads to better improvement of one’s cardiovascular health and increased stamina. The user’s aerobic capacity is greatly improved as well as a result of the continuous exercise.


Better Fighting Techniques

Using a speed bag for training also helps one develop additional techniques for fighting. As it is intended to be used for various combat sports, it can help one in employing different styles and combinations of movements. Furthermore, one thing that distinguishes a speed bag from other punching bags is that it enables the user to visualise how an opponent might strike. As such, it is highly useful in ensuring that one is always a step ahead in real life combat.



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