Benefits of Calling a Professional to Install Your Wall Mounted Punching Bag


Having a punching bag installed at home can provide you with many advantages. As a matter of fact, it can help to significantly improve your boxing skills, strength levels, and overall physical fitness.

When installing a punching bag, many fitness enthusiasts prefer to have it mounted on the ceiling. But if you happen to be among those without enough ceiling space, then you might need to have your punching bag wall-mounted instead. Take note that it is better to call a professional to install your newly-bought punching bag rather than doing it yourself. This can provide several benefits and we will look at them here


It Saves You Time

Taking the time to install a punching bag on their own will be time consuming. For this reason, it is best to have a professional install your wall-mounted punching bag for you instead of doing it on your own. Setting up a hanging punching bag on your wall can be time-consuming especially if you still to purchase the required supplies. Furthermore, the process entails you to closely study the steps involved, most of which are highly technical.

Instead of self-installation, contacting a professional to install your standard bag or heavy bag for you is an extremely quick process. Since they already have the tools required and are well-aware of the steps involved, you will be able to have your equipment set up efficiently.



It Is Less Stressful

Not having enough knowledge on how to install a boxing bag or heavy bag on your wall can be extremely stressful. Besides learning the steps required, it entails choosing the right type of heavy or boxing bag mount, how to handle a drill properly, and avoiding damage to your walls. In order to avoid any stress, you should contact a professional to install your wall-mounted punching bag for you. They are skilled enough to know how to set up your equipment seamlessly so that you do not need to worry incessantly.

It Reduces Any Risk of Home Damage

Nearly every home in Singapore has concealed wires, studs, and supporting structures concealed behind portions of their walls. These materials can end up damaged if you try to install a punching bag in Singapore on your own. In order to avoid this, it is recommended that you call a professional for assistance. This will ensure that your punching bag is installed properly without any damage caused to your home.



It Is Extremely Cost-effective

Having a professional install your wall-mounted punching bag can also help you save more. You will not need to purchase the required tools since they already have them prepared beforehand. Furthermore, you will be able to avoid any damage to your home that might be costly to repair. Hiring a professional installer will also help you manage your budget more since their servicing costs tend to be highly affordable.



It Is Less Hazardous

Not only are drills quite heavy, but they can also cause unintended injuries if not handled properly. Moreover, trying to install a wall-mount without yourself without relevant experience can cause your equipment to be improperly installed. This can cause injury if anything were to happen to the punching bag during a workout. To ensure a hazard-free installation, call a professional to install your speed bag or boxing bag for you.


Can I Install My Wall-mounted Punching Bag By Myself?

In order to reap the benefits of their speed bag or boxing bag without delays, many sportspersons wish to install their wall-mounted punching bag immediately. However, this is only advisable if you have relevant knowledge and experience on using a drill as well as other tools involved in the process. It is also best that you only install your speed bag or boxing bag yourself if you have previous experience in setting up similar equipment.



Steps For Installing A Wall-mounted Punching Bag

First, select a suitable area of your wall where you want your heavy bag or speed bag to be mounted.

Next, mark the specific points where you intend to affix your wall mount.

Drill holes which are big enough to mount your punching bag.

Now install your wall mount using the supplied fasteners.

After you have successfully installed your wall mount, you can now hang your punching bag using a hook or chains.



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